Bob & Judy R.
Owner Name/Information: Judy R.
Retired senior citizen, now driving her third cruiser.
Judy R's third PT Cruiser is a Deep Water Blue 
2010 Touring Edition.  It was purchased on
St. Patrick's day and has been named "Casey".
It came from the factory with a chrome grill and
chrome door spears.
Just like Judy's prevoius Cranberry 2002 Base Model
"Nellie Belle", and Plum-colored 2005 Signature Series
Limited Edition "Millie",  "Casey" is fun to drive and
show off.

Deep Water Blue

Car Model & Year:
2010 Touring Edition

Car name:

Add-ons, Bling, Improvements:
Rear PT Splash Guards
Rubber PT Floor Mats
Chrome Beltline Strip
Chrome Door Pillars
Chrome Door Handle Scuff Guards
Chrome Fuel Filler Door Cover
Chrome Side-view Mirror Covers
Chrome Hood Vents
Chrome Hood Center Strip
Running from Font Fenders to Rear doors, Vinyl Decal
Flames in colors that change as you pass them by.
Personalized License Plate, JUDY PT 3


  • 8/18 Meeting
  • 9/15 Meeting
  • 9/17 Picnic
  • 10/20 Meeting
  • 11/17 Meeting