Lloyd & Chrissy H.
Owner Name/Information: Lloyd & Chrissy H.

Awesome that's what it was to be 16 in the greatest 
era of the 20th Century. Summer of 1958.
One boy and one girl that's when they met.
All because of a Red Ford convertible.
Our story begins with that car.
We became high school sweethearts.
Attended our Senior Prom and graduated in 1960.
Went on to work together at the Butler Building
downtown Chicago, IL. In December 1963 we became
engaged. I was drafted in April of 1964, and
was stationed in Germany. We got married in Feb
of 1965, and thanks to the US Army had a yearlong
honeymoon, touring Austria, Italy, France, Germany,
Switzerland, etc.
We bought our 1st car together in Germany,
a 1966 Opel Kadett, which cost us almost as much to
ship home as it was to purchase.
We returned state side in April of 1966.
In July of 1967 we welcomed our 1st born, a son Scott
and also a 1967 Pontiac Tempest, we needed a bigger car.
In 1968 we built our 1st home in Lombard.
In Jan 1970 our 2nd child, a daughter Andrea came
into our lives.
Also a few more cars:
a 1966 ford T-Bird Convertible a favorite,
a couple of Ford Pintos and a
1975 Chev Monte Carlo, another favorite.
In Aug of 1976 we moved to Naperville, IL.
After 28 years and a few more cars we entered the
21st century. Being empty nesters, decided we needed
to downsize our home. So in 2004 with our very 1st
PT Cruiser, a 2002 Patriot Blue named Blue and
Sport our 1st Cavalier rescue puppy and we moved
to our 3rd home in Plano, IL.
In Dec 2005 we purchased another PT Cruiser,
a Black GT Convertible, named CRCC CZR.
In Nov of 2006 we traded our 2002 PT for a
2006 GT Sedan, Marine Pearl Blue, named Bludot,
our new favorite.
We have enjoyed the many friends we have made since
joining the Chicagoland PT Cruiser Club.
In our 50 some odd year's together, we've acquired
great memories, have had a great life, made
many friends, and traveled many places.
We are now enjoying being grandparents to our
precious little Elise now 4 years old and are
surrogate grandparents to a sweet little girl named
Izzy now 10 years old.
We also enjoy our two new rescues Angie & Jazz and
hope to continue with some good cruising.
Rock & Roll Forever.
Lloyd's PT:

 Marine Blue Perl

Car Model & Year:
 2006 GT Sedan

Car name:

Add-ons, Bling, Improvements:


Pteazer Custom Rear Bumper Roll Pan
Pteazer Custom Front Grille & Bumper
Chrome LED Washer Lights
Chrome Gas Door
Chrome Door Caps
Chrome Fog Light Trim Rings
Chrome Door Post Trim
Chrome Head Light Trim
Chrome Laker Pipes
Chrome 9" Flaming Antenna
Southern Cal Custom Rear Fender Skirts
Southern Cal Custom Sun Visor
Frosted Sparkle Flaming Eagle on Hood
Airbrushed Chrome Molding & Vents on Door
Exhaust Works Dual Exhaust w/Chrome Tips
1959 Caddy Rocket Tail Lights: Amber & Red w/Blue Dots
Brembo Brake Caliber Covers


Chrome Door Speaker Trim Rings
Gray Flock Inner Door Chrysler Emblem
Head Rest w/PT Cruiser Emblem
LED Lights on Head Rest Posts
Chrome Dice Door Lock Posts

Under Hood:
K & M Typhoon Cool Air Intake System
Turbo Blow-Off Valve
Custom Chrome Battery Cover


  • 8/18 Meeting
  • 9/15 Meeting
  • 9/17 Picnic
  • 10/20 Meeting
  • 11/17 Meeting