Mike and Sue C.
Owner Name/Information:  Sue C.
My name is Sue and I am a car geek!
This whole car thing started when I met Michael.
I hardly knew one car from another and now I
am better at recognizing some of them.  Then
we progressed to race cars and now the PT Club.  
Michael has come to the meetings with me just as
I went to racing events with him.
Little did he know that one week when he was
out of town he was going to be elected Webmaster!

My first PT was a Cranberry Touring Edition.
I hardly made any modifications to it.
I just drove it and enjoyed exchanging waves
with the rest of the then elite group of PT owners.
I loved it just as much as I do my current one,
so it was really hard to trade it in but, I had
a need for speed!

This is my second PT, a unique 2004 Bright Seamist
Green Metallic Turbo.  According to Chrysler
only 1857 of this color were made and of
the 1857 only 146 of them were GTs.  This PT came
with the chrome package:chrome door locks, bright brake
and gas pedal pads, and the front door jams as
well as leather heated seats.  I plan on keeping
this car for awhile since it is so unique so I
decided to start adding on to it.

Our first official show was at the Chicagoland PT Cruiser
gathering at Riverfront four years ago.
Since then we have been to car shows and cruises
sometimes on our own and sometimes with other
like-minded PT friends.
We even just do short cruises by ourselves on
nice weekends in the winter.

We both truly enjoy the club, people, and
the trips we share.  May it live long and prosper!

Seamist Green Metallic

Car Model & Year:
2004 GT

Car name:

Add-ons, Bling, Improvements:
One of the first exterior editions was PT mud flaps.
Michael painted the PT on them Seamist Green
to match the car Since it already came with some
exterior chrome I decided to add more bearing in
mind that I wanted it to be tasteful but more
importantly, I was going to be the one doing the

Chrome additions on the exterior are:  antennae bezel,
door handle scratch guards, chrome rear windshield wiper,
license plate holders, hatch strut covers,
jeweled license plate bolts and valve stem caps
for shows, stainless steel muffler plate, and chrome
door prop rods also for car shows.
We swapped out the original chrome gas fuel door
for a polished stainless one that says Cruiser on it.
The back-up lights were changed out for the Euro style.  
The interior additions are:  chrome vent knobs,
chrome air vents, chrome inserts for the cup holder, etc.
in the center console, a chrome gear shift knob,
chrome trim around the control knobs (which are
chrome too) for the heat and air conditioning,
GT Cruiser plaques on the back of the window visors,
chrome inserts for the cup holders and console,
glove box handle trim, hatch strut covers,
ignition surround, and even more trim rings
and switch covers.
There are also rain forest frog seat covers which
receive quite a few comments.

I finally broke down and put some chrome in the
engine compartment.  Some of the dip sticks have
been replaced with chrome ones.  Matching wire looms
have been added. Also added are chrome caps for
the oil fill, radiator, and power brake cylinder.
There is a chrome hood prop rod so all of this
chrome may be viewed by others.
To improve mileage a K&N filter, Screamin Demon
ignition coil, and 9.5 mm spark plugs were installed.


  • 8/18 Meeting
  • 9/15 Meeting
  • 9/17 Picnic
  • 10/20 Meeting
  • 11/17 Meeting